chapter327, [SORA] We have resumed the development of finexDriveChain.

The funds for the development of this system were missing,
but we simply confirmed that the funds had not yet been withdrawn from the Exchange (Finexbox).
Therefore, we have confirmed the conservation of funds and will resume development.

In this case, I had made to manage some coins to our project someone.
That points, I deeply apologize.

From now on, I will manage the funds “myself”.
Thank you so much.

chapter322, [SORA] We begin to check for “Withdrawal status of each Exchange”. [updated 16-May 2021]

We will check the withdrawal status of each Exchange
where SORA is listed, every few days.
After actually sending coins, it becomes “ok” for the first time after confirming the withdrawal TO MY WALLET.

Unnamed Exchange
hahaha …
BTC ok?, LTC no, ETH no, DOGE no, USDT no, TRX no, BELL ok, SORA ok

Dogecoin may be under maintenance in the short term!!
BTC ok, LTC ok, ETH ok, DOGE no, MONA ok, TRX ok, BELL ok, SORA ok

There is no problem.
ETH ok, USDT ok, SORA ok

chapter318, [Blockchain][SORARA] We released the latest Wallet in Windows version (v3.8.10).

using Blockchain DB: replace from LevelDB to latest SQLite (SQLite v3.35.0 Mar-2021)
We have created a database of peers_sql.dat from peers.dat and we enabled automatic checkpoints on a trial basis.

chapter316, [SORA][BlockChain] Is LevelDB really fast to Blockchain?

We are currently checking performance of the blockchain that has migrated from LevelDB to SQLite.

In the case of LevelDB, in order to retrieve data using the sorted records arranged in a tree structure, it is necessary to deserialize unnecessary key data in order to apply conditions for exiting the search.

For example, if blockchain has 500,000 blocks, the key will be deserialized 500,000 times.
Then, since memcpy is called several times internally, it is a heavy process.
Furthermore, it will be strcmp in the comparison process. It’s heavy.

On the other hand, in the case of SQLite, the key can be specified in advance by the condition, so they only need to get the value.