Please manage your password carefully

I usually spend some time with Discord’s DM to say what I am doing.

In recent years, it seems that many people forget their wallet passwords recently.

If you forget, coins will be lost.
Even management cannot move coins for which the password has been forgotten.

By the way, this password is for wallet.dat itself. Therefore, even if you back up after setting the password, and then set “another password”, the previously backed up wallet.dat is “leave the previous password”. Using this property, if you keep them with different passwords, at the worst, if you remember at least one, all coins there will be OK.

Be careful with password management.

Manage by myself funds

I have been drinking at home recently, probably because I’m tired of going out for a drink.

Because of that, I have seen more articles.
The price of the cryptocurrency reacts to such factors.

And gold.
However, I have seen that there are discrepancies in reserves.

I’m preparing my own asset management so that it doesn’t happen.