chapter235, [SORA][SORA Network] Data Recovery service might fade out due to this project?

The function of drive failure pre-detection has been completed.
S.M.A.R.T. , benchmark and sector inspection are used together and statistically processed.
Port this analysis with a blockchain to complete.
Data Recovery service might fade out due to this project?
Oh … if you can back up data in advance, this is fine. thanks!

chapter231, [SORA][SORA Network] Two days left.

After sep-15, we can turn on the lights until midnight.
We will be set free from the request of self-restraint.

What? In fact, request of self-restraint had targeted at restaurants with entertainment.
But if the lights were turned on until midnight at the office, weird rumors would be raised which was a problem …

We think that exsiting company in the residential area was particularly so tough.

chapter229, [SORA][SORA Network] Drive inspection and statistical-scan which have been took 8 years to develop, worked!

Drive inspection and statistical-scan which have been took 8 years to develop, worked!

We are so happy!!
We will implement it to a new wallet.

chapter228, [SORA][SORA Network] About Stabilization of BlockExplorer <part1>

As the block-height increases, some ingenuity is needed to stabilize the block explorer.

Partial rewriting is ideal which are inside the Block Explorer and a inside the wallet.

As the rewriting a wallet is difficult which the other operation is to disturb, first of all, you should try improving the Block Explorer.

recovery3, [SSD] SSDへのデフラグについて About defragmentation in SSD

Hello friends.

Is defragmentation for a SSD necessary or not?
We will verify from today!

だから何? SSDでは不要と決まっていますか?
So what? Is it decided to be unnecessary in SSD?
Don’t get caught up in prejudice.
But, let me just say this. Not required for HDD in latest.

chapter227, [SORA][SORA Network] We have renewed DriveExplorer.ドライブエクスプローラをリニューアルいたしました。

Hello friends.

Today, we have renewed DriveExplorer. The below URL.

recovery2, [SORA][SSD] メタデータを含め、データが一切存在しない領域について About a partition with no data, even no metadata

Hello friends.

About a partition with no data, even no metadata.

After writing a certain amount of data to a SSD, we will format the SSD, and surveying the amount is of remaining data.

recovery1, [SORA][SSD] SSDフォーマット後の挙動について About behavior after SSD format

Hello friends.

From today, we have started the recovery category which verify the technology related to data recovery.

まず、SSD TRIMを見てみましょう。 この機能は、SSDパフォーマンスを向上させるために、削除と同時に0を書き込むことです。 したがって、SSD上のファイルを削除した場合、そのファイルを復元することはできません。 そして、この効果がフォーマットに到達するかどうかの調査を開始しました。
First of all, let’s look at SSD TRIM. This function is to write 0 at the same time as to delete to improve SSD performance. Therefore, if you delete a file on SSD, you cannot recover it. And, we have started investigating whether this effect will reach the format.

chapter226, [SORA] Good, std::move.

Hello friends.

Not only a drives processing part, but also the core implementing part is going to rewrite significantly.

e.g. we will port depending on variable in heap from “copy” to “move”.
例えば ヒープ内の変数に応じて、「コピー」から「移動」に移植します。

The target is CDataStream.
Certainly, regard of message processing, after to copy here, the life of the variable is loss, so there is a copy.
However, about blockchain script to be processed seems to be able to move by having CScript manage the variable life.
And, the process which there is heavy.