chapter303, [SORA][FinexDriveChain] implement CLevelDB::const_iterator

The code that handles LevelDB has been greatly improved.
After improvement it as finely as possible, we implemented the iterator.

After calling to the seek method,
we can now search LevelDB in the usual way by iterator.
And, memory management is auto.

seek(KEY, VALUE);
for(const_iterator iterator = begin(); iterator != end(); ++iterator) { statement }


chapter301, [SORA][finexDriveChain] We will prepare three types of “wallet.dat”.

Like CWallet and CWalletDB, we will develop by making full use of inheritance.

wallet.dat: (CWallet, CWalletDB)
This method inherits the old way of managing private keys by units of 100 (elliptic curve cryptography).

wallethd.dat: (CWallethd, CWallethdDB)
This new way is to generate multiple private keys from the unique seed (elliptic curve cryptography).

walletq.dat: (CWalletq, CWalletqDB)
This method inherits the new way of managing private keys by units of 5 (Lamport signature).

chapter300, [SORA] We have fixed the exclusive lock of database processing.

One of the rare cause of wallet corruption is to the exclusive lock on the database that is not working properly.
Therefore, this time, we will fix all “encapsulation” and thoroughly review around locks to ensure that the exclusive lock works.

chapter297, [SORA][SORA Network] Goodbye to the IMPLEMENT_SERIALIZE

We completed the confirm that is no problem even if the latest core serialization “ADD_SERIALIZE_METHODS” is implemented in this core.


SorachanCoin: eliminated IMPLEMENT_SERIALIZE(old core):

chpter296, [SORA][SORA Network] We have implemented automatic(dynamic) checkpoints that improve the stability of the blockchain.

hello friends!

We will start to improve the center of the blockchain.
First, we will improve the checkpoints.
At the same time, we will implement the drive failure prediction that is the purpose of this coin.

chapter291, [SORA][SORA Network] We implemented Drive benchmark feature to SorachanCoin wallet! ドライブのベンチマーク機能を実装いたしました!

Hello friends!!

As the first step in failure prediction using blockchain
we released to build the drive benchmark feature in the wallet this time.
Next time, we will continue to implement the drive verify feature.

We have made full use of the P2P network,
we aim to create a system that shares failure information and establishes accurate failure notifications in advance.

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