chapter35, “prevector” has been implemented for SorachanCoin!

Recently, we have completed the implementation of “prevector”. And we are currently checking the operation.

The “prevector” can manipulate “vector” as if it is fixed-length arrays without calling the heap. A wallets with many fine vectors are expected to improve performance.

chapter34, Coexistence? part4

Even if I live in Japan, I can’t believe that there are still tourists in Tokyo, even though I have avoid going to Tokyo other than works.

It is already far from “under control”, and it has become an unknown world far from safe. If I were a bird, I would want to fly to a safe place.

Tokyo is NOT success that have containment of the virus, so it is necessary to be alert until vaccines will be available.

chapter32, AT YOUR OWN RISK

What is “AT YOUR OWN RISK” here?
Is it cryptocurrency trading? It is different.

Oh … no, It is to be infected with coronavirus that has been resulting in Japan. Because, there cases which the diagnosis is refused even with high fever. Probably because it counts the number of infected people.

Honestly, it is horrible.

chapter29, It’s named “Move”, but not “Move”

Even with “move”, “memmove” is a heavy process.

It’s named “Move”, but not “Move”. In order to be able to copy even overlapping address, they will copy to a temporary location and then copy to the specified address.

For a while, “memcpy” will generate bugs at overlapping addresses, so “memmove” had been recommended to use.

Personally, the load was so different that I was not use it even if it was recommended.

chapter28, There is no effect on SORA development

In Japan, about diffusion of coronavirus, essential information has NOT been released, so we will consider moving the development base (moving a little north from Tokyo).

Recently, even small restaurants(Tokyo and Saitama) nearby have being guidance of measures against coronavirus.

Just to make sure saying, there is NO effect on SORA development.

chapter24, SorachanCoin-core

The old core has been developing as SorachanCoin-qt, and the new core will be developed as SorachanCoin-core.

SorachanCoin-core will add to Github when ready. We would like to be implemented the drive failure prediction in a new core. In addition, we maintain old core(SorachanCoin-qt) because they are essential for maintaining the blockchain.

chapter23, How is data recovery in the world? part3

Today as well, we would like to introduce a “mysterious” data recovery in Japan.

3, Original firmware:

There is a story in Japan where a firmware that was originally developed is used to recovery data.

When this firmware is inserted, the total capacity becomes 0 bytes for some reason. For this reason, even if you just connect, this drive will not be able to read.

Therefore, We calculate the capacity information from the LBA, written on the drive and restored. Then the drive start reading without problems.

This is another mysterious that doesn’t know why.

chapter22, We will port this blockchain to the latest core

We are currently working on porting this blockchain to a new core.

Please wait for a while as we will adjust it to synchronize with the old core.

Drive failure predictions will be implement into this new core. In this way, even if the drive failure prediction don’t work, if the old the blockchain works, system of money transfer can be maintained.

chapter21, How is data recovery in the world? part2

Today as well, we would like to introduce a “mysterious” data recovery in Japan.

2, Advanced digital analysis:
It seems to be a technology that analyzes the platter surface of a HDD to extract data. For a “very high price”, that data recovery company claims to be able to “reliably” recover from any situation. That’s a great technology. Great! Great! Great!

If I were a magnetic force microscope, I would soon deny it.