Recommended SSD !

@sorachan Hello! Tell me in the price range of drives, I want to replace myself, it’s possible and more expensive, most importantly good) SSD Samsung 860 Evo 250GB

Hello !

If you select SSD at the best price range, we recommend Intel. This is to achieve optimal performance in a “blockchain” with many writes.

Please manage your password carefully

I usually spend some time with Discord’s DM to say what I am doing.

In recent years, it seems that many people forget their wallet passwords recently.

If you forget, coins will be lost.
Even management cannot move coins for which the password has been forgotten.

By the way, this password is for wallet.dat itself. Therefore, even if you back up after setting the password, and then set “another password”, the previously backed up wallet.dat is “leave the previous password”. Using this property, if you keep them with different passwords, at the worst, if you remember at least one, all coins there will be OK.

Be careful with password management.

Manage by myself funds

I have been drinking at home recently, probably because I’m tired of going out for a drink.

Because of that, I have seen more articles.
The price of the cryptocurrency reacts to such factors.

And gold.
However, I have seen that there are discrepancies in reserves.

I’m preparing my own asset management so that it doesn’t happen.

CriticalSection has been fixed! Thanks

Thank you for the great analysis. (

This time, IPV6 is enabled as standard, and the placement of CriticalSection is changed.

Next time, we will implement RPC thread pool and verify with testnet.

In order to prevent deadlocks, we would like to put a mechanism like the message queue implemented in Windows.

The RPCs that need to proceed after processing has been processed reliably are like SendMessage, and if there are no problems asynchronously by accumulating in the queue with RPCs are processed efficiently with a mechanism like PostMessage.

Also, if we consider only the PostMessage part instead of thinking about the scope of CriticalSection, it can prevent deadlock even if it is complicated.

We will fix CriticalSections that classified according to the RPC processing issued by the mining pool

We will fix CriticalSections that classified according to the RPC processing issued by the mining pool.
※ Ultimately, CriticalSection is expected to be narrowed down to one.

As for this processing part, FIXME was attached, and it was operating abnormally with PoMP of NOMP.

This time, YiiMP PoW had a problem, so I decided to go back to the original CriticalSection and see what it was.
However, if it is this, it will not work with NOMP.
Therefore, it will be divided by the macro of the compiler.

As an improvement method,
I think that this RPC itself will be like this as Windows PostMessage, so that it will be issued one by one after being accumulated.
※ The current situation is similar to SendMessage that some of them do not work.

In addition, if this improvement is implemented, all RPCs will be affected, so I think that it will be released after testing with testnet.

[ANN] SorachanCoin SORA – Hybrid PoW / PoS CryptoCurrency

Can you trust a drive failure notification?


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