chapter349, We released FromHDDtoSSD v3 with SORA Network!

投稿者: | 12/01/2021

From now on, there is no doubt that SSD/NVMe of size of TB will become mainstream.
Therefore, we are particular about SSD/NVMe scanning.
For SSD/NVMe, it is not possible to catch the sector that shakes when it is “breaking” by simply calling and scanning the sector monotonously (generally available drive scan software).
In other words, if the “probability of normality is high” at the time of the essential “breaking”, it will be all green(all OK) … can it be trust?
Then ……… it doesn’t make sense.
Therefore, we are necessary a “new method” that can scan a SSD/NVMe via the Blockchain. … That is the “stat-scan”.