chapter240, [SORA][SORA Network] We were set free from FAX today!! We prefer paper-less to FAX! thanks.

Finally, We were set free from FAX today!!

In Tokyo, the same “junk fax” as “junk e-mail” is very very popular.
For this reason, FAX in Tokyo will be connected as many times until our receive by FAX in ads.
This is very nasty than junk e-mail. What do you think?
Hi? How did you stop doing that? Sender has troll face.
Of course, we tried to stop many times and we won’t forget!
However, there was no way to stop junk FAX(confirmed),
and it continues almost every day, so that as if the fax is a “junk mailbox”!
Finally today, we unplugged the line and were set free from FAX.
The FAX has been abolished.
This is a huge overcoming forward for Tokyo.