chapter39, We will create a “develop” branch on Github

We will create a “develop” branch on Github. We will proceed with the development here, and we will confirm stable for this branch to blockchain by trying to synchronize them. In addition, since it is under development, there may be some dirty code left in some parts, but please forgive that point.

chapter35, “prevector” has been implemented for SorachanCoin!

Recently, we have completed the implementation of “prevector”. And we are currently checking the operation.

The “prevector” can manipulate “vector” as if it is fixed-length arrays without calling the heap. A wallets with many fine vectors are expected to improve performance.

chapter34, Coexistence? part4

Even if I live in Japan, I can’t believe that there are still tourists in Tokyo, even though I have avoid going to Tokyo other than works.

It is already far from “under control”, and it has become an unknown world far from safe. If I were a bird, I would want to fly to a safe place.

Tokyo is NOT success that have containment of the virus, so it is necessary to be alert until vaccines will be available.

chapter32, AT YOUR OWN RISK

What is “AT YOUR OWN RISK” here?
Is it cryptocurrency trading? It is different.

Oh … no, It is to be infected with coronavirus that has been resulting in Japan. Because, there cases which the diagnosis is refused even with high fever. Probably because it counts the number of infected people.

Honestly, it is horrible.