chapter285, [SORA][SORA Prediction system] implement string class.

It’s finally time to control the drives.
Therefore, we use Windows API a lot (about Windows version),
but Windows uses wchar_t * for internal processing of strings.
Of course, char * can also be used,
but since not all are supported, Windows API mainly uses wchar_t *.

By the way,
we have prepared a class that can freely process wchar_t * and char *.
Now that we can write without worrying about it.

chapter281, [SORA][SORA Network] We have released v2.5.10 and v2.6.10(Beta version)!!

Today, we have released the v2.5.10 and v2.6.10.
The v2.5.10 was supported to replace peers.dat in old.
The v2.6.10 was supported on rpc command to “getblockqhash”.

chapter279, [SORA][SORA Network] We have released the latest Wallet in Windows version (v2.4.10).

We have released the latest Wallet in Windows version (v2.4.10).

We have implemented with hybrid(libsecp256k1 or OpenSSL) signature verification, optimized memory management, significantly enhanced random number generation, and new log management.

[SORA] Happy New Year!

hello friends!
Happy New Year!

Well, development is continuing during the New Year holidays.

1, Add script for prediction processing to the basic functions (P2PKH, P2SH, P2WPKH, P2WSH).
2, We will add a transaction for quantum resistance. The size of the keys(CLPubKey, CLKey) will increase.

SorachanCoin intends to support the keys below:
CPubKey, CKey:
wallet of old core.(only supported random)
CPubKey, CFirmKey:
wallet of latest core.(both supported random and HD)
CLPubKey, CLKey:
wallet of quantum resistance.(only supported HD)

chapter273, [SORA][SORA Network] We improved the “serialize.h”. Both supported IMPLEMENT_SERIALIZE and ADD_SERIALIZE_METHODS.

We improved the “serialize.h”.

We have confirmed the normal operation by coexisting IMPLEMENT_SERIALIZE used in the old core, and ADD_SERIALIZE_METHODS used in the latest core.

In addition, since “class CSizeComputer” works even if IMPLEMENT_SERIALIZE of the old core,
“::GetSerializeSize(const T &)” is no longer necessary to it. thanks!

Also, we lifted the 16-bits limit for big endian processing.
It works automatically up to 64-bits without any problem.